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Lerum – Floda

  • Length

    8.5 km

  • Elevation

    48 m

  • Degree of difficulty


Maja Svensson

The Säveån Nature Reserve offers one of the most beautiful experiences along the trail.

From Lerum's center past the old settlement in Brobacken, the trail continues along Säveån's water. After half the stage, at Knavbro bridge, you enter the Säveån Nature Reserve, the pearl of the trail. Now you have 4 km of enjoyable hike with bird chirps, salmon that take you up the river, beaver traps, bladed sea and most resting places along the path. An obvious stop at the power station is Hillefors grit mill, which is the world's only water-driven mill. In the area you can, among other things, see ducks, scraps, small jams, dams and kingfishers. Once there at Garveriet, it is just right to have a coffee or lunch or if you want to try a food experience at Jernbruket a little later in the day.

Length: 8 km

Time: 2 hours excluding breaks

Difficulty: Mostly easy walking

Don't miss: Säveån's nature reserve, magically beautiful.

8.5 km

48 m


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Photographer: Maja Svensson
Photographer: Maja Svensson
Photographer: Jonas Ingman

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